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Gratitude Journal

1. Our friends celebrating our dear Quail’s big day!

2. confetti in the shape of the girl’s names!

3. a garden of flower balloons rooting to the ceiling

4. Nice weather for the big day

5. Party girls in matching green party dresses and tiaras!

6. Thoughtful gifts for our dear Quail!

7. All of our IRL and OL community of friends well-wishes

8. Zuzu sweetly singing and whispering little loves to her sister

9. Her sister hollering back her approval

10. the ability to provide breastmilk to a baby unable to nurse for over a year

11.a sister’s amazing gift of continuing to nurse to help keep up the supply

12. an amazing hubby who knows where and what kind of spare pump parts to buy online without my help

13. Happy Birthday phone calls from all the relatives!

14. Kathy adding swinging to our OT repertoire

15. a new OT/PT schedule

16. a beautiful sunny day

17. a picnic in the part with the girls

18. an unexpected lunch with Lovey

19. an unexpected gift of green amethyst earrings

20. Italian creme cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and little purple violets sweetly frosted on

21. a new Lenten Rose to get to know and photograph


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