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Gratitude Journal

1. World Down syndrome Day 3/21/10

2. Motrin

3. Sunshine & mid-seventies

4. Nana

5. Bapa

6. Zuzu ordering the “silli” pasta & her favorite flavor of gelato (raspberry!)

7. good communication skills

8. happy smiles returning

9. Zuzu’s singing, “the D says duh” and The Quail’s crowing Duh, duh, duh

10. Little waves

11. clapping babies!

12. Lovey’s spring break time

13.  Zuzu getting an audience for her beloved dance class

14. new flower headbands and bunnies!

15. sweet baby spoons & plates

16. all the tender budding beauties in our yard

17. naps

18. kitchen-dancing with a giggling baby & twirling 3 year old

19. my practice

19. apple pie & coffee for breakfast

20. dinner invitations & good company!

21. jalapeno brined & grilled chicken


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