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cornerview: local architecture

I had to go with local and immediate architecture for this week’s theme. The camera came along with me on my way to work yesterday. The first is the Greek Orthodox Church that had a tasty festival twice a year and introduced me to the likes of tiropeta and bird’s nests. Yum! The next is our local train station that I’ve yet to see an actual train stopped at as I pass it on my daily commute. The third- part of the cheerful downtown architecture in the Foothills town where I work.I’m fortunate to work on Main Street USA- well- Main Street at any rate. It’s typically bustling with daily walkers in suit skirts and tennis shoes, site-seers in capris, business men doing hand-shake deals.  It’s lovingly landscaped and chock full of twinkle lights, fragrant flowers, weekly seasonal live music festivals and shops for every sense. On a day when there is too much to do and only a small glimpse of the world will help to make it through; it’s the perfect mini- lunchtime escape. There is a swaying suspension bridge over waterfalls, a children’s garden, museum, library and art museum a few steps away. And some of the tastiest sweet potato pancakes from a Ham House, records and live in-stores in an independent record shop, used book seller, gourmet grocer and thrifting galore all within a brief drive.

Come site-seeing around the world!

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