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Zuzu Day: BFF




I know, I know- enjoy it while it lasts- I so am. A few months ago Zuzu realized a couple of the jammy sets in her and the Quail’s drawers matched. Ever since that fateful day she has taken great pride in choosing matching jammies and clothes for her and her sister. If there isn’t a matching set- it’s ok to just coordinate just so long as you can come up with a fairly credible story as to why they go together: “Well Zu, there are cupcakes on your jammies and lollypops on your sister’s. See those both have sugar in them, therefore they match- see? See now why you don’t need to cry about her jammies being blue and your’s being pink? Isn’t that nice?” 

It really happened all of a sudden. She still takes credit for “her baby” to anyone that will listen. She’s the first to kiss the Quail in the morning, the one she goes looking for at the end of the day, the one that she starts singing “Twinkle, Twinkle” too as soon as the baby erupts. She wants her to sit with her, to lay with her, be pounced on by her, play Little Peoples with her. She asks in what sounds to be sincere tones, “Momma, can we have more babies, pleasssssseeee, more babies?”She’s a dear heart that girl….


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