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Gratitude Journal

1. Easter Egg Hunts

2. Matching Easter Outfits on sweet fairy children

3. Easter egg colored, ruffled-bottom swimsuits

4. Easter brunch

5. Easter dinner

6. a promotion

7. waking up at 6:30 am on a weekend and actually feeling awake and ready to go!

8.  mysteries being solved

9. a found earring

10. The best asparagus of my life

11. The sweetest French Toast to date- smeared with a little bit of marscapone cheese & blueberries picked by my loves, alongside a Bellini from Italy and…

12. a sweet remembrance from the past baked in a pound-cake filled egg shape, dipped in chocolate and smattered with candy flowers

13. a dear Theresa that made it possible

14. a dear Lovey that thought of the perfect Easter treat

15. quick and fully cooked bacon

16. Denise’s yummy more-dessert-than-a-vegetable carrot bake

17. Sweet Bad Mama’s helpful and way more organized menu planning and recipes

18. Meeting new friends and sharing a meal

19. healthy children and family

20. Zuzu’s sweet dinnertime blessings ending in “All-the-men”

21. Linen shirt weather


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