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Zuzu Day: Easter Fun and Hunting Season

Egg Hunting Season that is!

Last week we attended the neighboring town’s Egg Hunt and I think it was there that I first realized I had a touch of PMS- Pageant Mom Syndrome in me. The kids were lined up according to age but still expected to race to find the same group of eggs. Needless to say as my 3 year old would contemplate if the egg in front of her was the ideal companion for those already in her basket, a 5 year old would swoop in going for quantity over quality. Fortunately at our local Egg Hunt the rules were a bit more structured and baseball field fences kept those scrupulous 5 year olds away from the eggs intended for the contemplative 3 year olds. She faired much better. But I still found myself, as typical- running late, then irritated with the car cutting in front of us to finagle the better parking spot and rush their beloveds on to the field for the ideal photo ops.

We had fun with all of the festival games and treats, our neighbors and friends, both old and new and the gorgeous weather. We’re thinking maybe next year we’ll see if we have it in us to host a brunch and egg hunt for the girls friends next year!


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