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Gratitude Journal

1. April Showers- baby & rain!

2. a new desk

3. watching a baby problem solve

4. watching sisters hug

5. linen shirts!

6. egg treats

7. listing to the quail slurp-slurp her honey bear

8. finding the birdseed and bird feeder

9. sending clothes out to be recycled

10. front lawn picnics

11. sunny smiles

12. coconut donuts

13. a shower

14. watching the Quail begin to wiggle like a worm

15. tantrums ending

16. promotion letters

17. the weekly special at Brioso

18. the changing of the sheet guard from flannel to cotton

19. open windows with spring breezes whisking through

20. a gift of clothes from a friend for Zuzu

21. Tubby-time

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