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Quail Day: Great Feets/Feats & Juggling Acts

Life is full of balancing acts right? How to get enough attention to all who need it? Well synergy fell into our nest this past weekend as a braincell or 2 of mine perked up and suggested I spend time petting and brushing Chula  Cat at an adequately safe distance from the Quail. The Quail is a big fan of the Chula Cat. Nothing gets her wings flapping and her eye’s trained as hawk’s eyes on her target as our dear Chula Cat. And Chula Cat since she has arrived in our lap has been slowly letting us know she would like to be more, albeit safely, centered into the mix. The latest milestone we have been working hard towards is the elusive crawl. Mark the PT suggested it looked like the Quail may skip it and go to standing and walking in the next year, which is fine if that is what is to be. But we would like the crawl to happen if at all possible. I was inspired by this family’s bribe to get their lil one to crawl. But while Cheetos would definately get Zuzu and Lovey motoring across the room, I’m less convinced it would work with the Quail. For Zuzu she started first going backwards, as had her Momma, and then eventually forward when the telephone was in site. I felt less sure about the appropriate motivational tool for the Quail until Chula Cat happened into a therapy session with us this past weekend and voila, amongst a lot of wings flapping, feathers and fur flying we had backward motion! Fly baby fly!

ps: No cats were harmed in the production of these shots.

One thought on “Quail Day: Great Feets/Feats & Juggling Acts

  1. Hooray for PT Chula Cat! Not only kitties themselves but cat food can be great motivators. Poor long-suffering Arnold’s dish was the only thing that got Anthony moving across the floor at first!


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