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Prayers for the Quail please!

Tomorrow is the big day! Please pray for the health, well being and quick recovery of the Quail as well as the steady and kind hands of the surgeon. We can’t believe this day is finally here but it’s time to repair her duodenal stenosis. We are blessed to have Gramma here to watch over Zuzu while we are with the Quail at the hospital. We’re all a little choked up with fear and worry at such an invasive procedure for our sweet bird; but it’s necessary and her little world will open up once it is repaired. We are hopeful that this will help stop all of her vomiting and allow her to ease into big people foods- for which she has been clamoring and eyeing our meals longingly. Since it wasn’t emergent- only a partial blockage and she has had really good growth this past year we were able to hold off until Lovey’s semester was over and Gramma could get her so that we could take shifts with the children. The expectation is 4-6 days in the hospital with the first 2-3 requiring the Quail to be on a naso-gastric tube and IV for her nutrition.

We are so grateful for everyone’s kind words and thoughts that are already watching over us. Please continue and we’ll update as we can!

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