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Hero Worship

Dear Pudge,

I’ve decided I’d like to emulate you. My mom thinks I might be taking things too far. I had surgery recently and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my meals since then. The doctor told me I’ve gained 1 lb in two weeks. My mom thinks that’s too much. I think I”m just making up for lost time. At any rate, I’d just like to show you that I’ll take your Pudge, and see you a dinner roll thigh and arm or two.

Much love, The Quail (soon to be Big Bird)

One thought on “Hero Worship

  1. iss okae kwayl. i feengk dat nooz is soopir bekuz yoo is geteeng redy fir swimeeng in sumir. an yoo is lookeeng vary flotey to me.
    gitteeng skwishy aftir serjreez is hard wirk. yoo haf a vary speshul talint at dat i im feengkeeng.

    luf, pudj


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