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corner view: daily

Now ask us about our out–of-the-ordinary days!

Celebrate Bloomsday traveling around the world to see other’s daily lives:

3 thoughts on “corner view: daily

  1. Hi, Nicole. Catherine’s visiting and has just shown me your blog, no, introduced me to a tiny bit of it. Wow, what a job you do! I plan on checking it out again, but don’t hold your breath: I’m rarely on the internet because the service is so slow here.

    I love getting to see crrent photos of the girls, et al, and of your home. Catherine and I have decxided we’d love to see you and your place someday.

    Aunt Ann

    • Hello Aunt Ann! I’m thrilled Catherine showed you the blog! Yay! Thank’s so much Catherine! I believe we have a special picture for you for your birthday that will come soon! We are hopeful to get out to San Diego for a couple of days in August- might you be down and around? Either of you? We haven’t firmed up plans yet though. And you all are welcome anytime! Zuzu is thrilled to share her room! Just be prepared for a lil middle-of-the-night snuggler! much love xoxooxox


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