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The Girls: Pushing past Smart Cat

Everyone’s healthy! So it’s time to get fit. You know something more than just, “Hey Zuzu, Smart Cat’s on PBS right now- quick let’s do a jumping jack with him!” Zuzu has always been a bundle of energy. So for her the more active we all are, the better she does. It’s hard to find time for organized activities with her on a daily basis though. Most park going, rec-center-swimming, bouncing like a Tigger & playdates are reserved for weekends. Fortunately her little school encourages a lot of free play time- to just run, jump, slide,swing. They also take the 3 year olds that are interested to Dance Class. She’s looooooovvved that. At home we’ve started spending time with some work-out DVDs. Yoga for kids- since yoga is my go-to activity. We have a few different versions and generally the rule is if Zuz is up when I’m doing my work-out dvd on a weekday morning and she brings it up- then we’ll switch over to her YFK. But lately- she’s not so into actually doing the workout. More into critiquing my ability to follow along. Which let’s face it is not so good.

But in order to set a somewhat decent example of caring about my health & fitness level I get up and try. Zuzu lies on the couch watching and coaching, “Momma, Jillian says to lift your arms up higher!” “Momma, Jillian says not to stop moving!” I will say it’s as good a motivator as any though.

Zuzu naturally is able to get her energy out. You know when you’re 3; and good at it, you run everywhere, that is when you aren’t skipping or jumping:

And our lil personal trainer keeps an eye on everyone’s activity level. Including the baby:

Who is usually thrilled to see her sister coming for her if there is a parent nearby to intervene when the weeble’s wobbling sets in. But sometimes not so much:

Mostly they work it out though. And because of Zuzu’s high level of energy we all follow suit.

2 thoughts on “The Girls: Pushing past Smart Cat

  1. Love that little furrowed brow….”Mom! Can we take sugar cereal OFF of that grocery list, already?”
    And had to laugh at Zuz’s coaching. What a hoot. I would have her completely frustrated and overwhelmed. Actually, maybe I’d tap into her compassionate side, since I’m pretty sure I’d look like I was having a seizure. Maybe Zu would let me off the hook…

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