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Gratitude Journal

1. easier nights

2. shared popsicles

3. good jobs

4. a singing 3 year old

5. a chortling 1 year old

6. weekends away

7. coming home again

8. a positive outlook

9. the ability to look for and see the good in the world

10. hand-me-down clothes

11. bubble machines keeping their word and making thousands of bubbles

12. Tussie Mussies

13. Sante Salute

14. Lilly Pulitzer for 2 year olds

15. cynicism

16. trying not to be so cynical

17.a first movie & popcorn night at home mit gummies liberally sprinkled

18. my own big-girl bed

19. sleeping children (in their own big-girl beds)

20. waking up to the 3 year old snuggled back in between us

21. birthday parties galore!


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