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Gratitude Journal

1. visiting relatives

2. big girl carseats all around

3. the baby exclaiming “Baby” when handed her baby

4. Family movie night complete with home-made kiddy cup combos

5.a little girl buzzing around

6.an image of Grandma Carrie- long lost but not long forgotten

7. a bridesmaid dress taken in

8. a basketful of handpicked, homegrown tomatoes

9. garden watering as a family

10. tiny flowers floating in the bird bath

11. little girls sleeping all night in their beds

12. waking up to a little girl sleeping but not in her bed

13. tomato onion cheddar pie

14. a little girl eating bites of egg & puffs with her big sister!

15. accepting the curls as they come

16. white-chocolate-macadamia-nut birthday cake

17. a little girls first time eating food (albeit puffs) at the Noodle restaurant with her family!

18. summer birthday parties

19. a big girl not being too shy

20.  a clean house

21. a Kai Lan sprinkler!


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