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Quailday: chatting us up…

It seems to me we have a little mini-language explosion all of a sudden in the last week. As I’ve mentioned before, she’ll say or sign a word but then we won’t hear it again for a while, and then it will magically resurface in regular rotation. So here’s what we’ve heard or seen of late:

She says:







Momma (this one was said one time a loooong time ago and hasn’t resurfaced yet- m’s are hard)

She signs:




She understands:


Say ____

Where are your spiders? (We ask this whenwe’re about to sing & sign the Itsy Bitsy spider. She’ll hold her little hands up and is starting to initiate some of the gestures)

Kiss Momma

Hug Momma

Where’s_____ (insert any of the people or toys she sees on a regular basis)



Come here!



Feed the baby! (she’ll hold the bottle up to baby’s mouth- this is inconsistent- the motor planning issue gets in the way here sometimes and her arms go out and the bottle goes flinging)

More tickles- and she’ll reach over and tickle your feet.

Give____ (she’ll usually give you what she’s holding- but if she really just wants it for herself- she’ll squirrel it away- she starts to pivot away from you in an effort to hide it as soon as you reach for it)

Baby, block, bottle, ball, diaper, book, sheep, cow, horse, dog, cat, bird, bird- These are some of the receptive language items we are working on- we’ll put 2 items out and ask her Where’s the___ and she’ll grab it- for some reason we can’t get her to grab the chicken…

She pays rapt attention to singing time- and likes you to do hand over hand help with the gestures for Twinkle, Twinkle (her song from the start- it calms her down if she is wildly upset if you start singing it), Itsy Bitsy spider, Pat-A-Cake.

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