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Quailday: Will work for Puffs..

 and maybe- just for grins…and kitty cats…and cheers…and toys…and hugs and kisses. But don’t put those Puffs away just yet…

But she did it! She crawled from kitchen to tubby- get this- without a food incentive- just my big ole grin- or maybe it was because she wanted to pet Chula Cat and I was brushing her a few feet away. This is a huge, happy, grinning ear-to-ear, we’re more alike than different moment in our nest. Zuzu’s early crawling memories for me center around after dinner when we would put her on the ground and she would scramble down the hall so excited for tubby time, which eventually evolved into a sprint and most recently a streak.

Wednesday morning I saw her get up from belly to sitting. Maybe knowing she can get out of it she’s more interested in getting in it. It definitely seems like she has gone from she can crawl to she is interested in crawling. She started out sitting in the kitchen and with our big, loud hollers of “Come on! It’s tubby time! You can do it!” She would get down, grinning crawl a few feet then get back up in sitting and grin at us, then a few seconds later repeat. When she got within a few feet of where Chula and I were sitting you could totally see her thinking it through. She would realize she could reach out and almost touch me laying down, but in the process of backing up into sitting would then find herself further back then she thought she was. So she’d flop down and try again for a few pulls then back up and measure the distance with her arm. After about the 3rd or 4th try, she would then put one arm out and grin at me to take her little hand, then reach the other out and look at me like I was a sled dog. So stinkin cute! She did it again thursday night as well.

Also thursday when our dear Jodie (EI) came to visit we were all sitting in the living room criss-cross- applesauce and the Quail reached both hands out and chortled at me to take them. I did and she pulled herself up to standing! She then went down and repeated the performance a few more times. It gave me a huge grin because it was just 3 weeks or so ago that I had tried to get her to pull up to stand and she refused so profusely I briefly wondered if she was regressing and just couldn’t. She definately has a stubborn streak that will serve her well as an adult. But for now “adult-driven” activities- well she’s not so keen on it. Kathy has let us know that this is a problem- thus the idea of brushing. She thinks that it is a function of the Quail feeling uncomfortable when she can’t control her bodies movement in space and that is what is triggering her resistance. I can see that- but what I grapple with is whether that’s a good survival instinct or reflex, versus an aversion or problem that needs to be overcome. I’ve always admired Zuzu’s determination and confidence and I’ve worked hard to train my own eye and mind to see it that way. I have a hard time then backing up and saying that because the Quail has a disability it’s not determination and confidence- it’s a problem and hard-wiring that needs to be overrode. I don’t doubt that the medical explanation for the behavior might be the same in both girls. I’m fairly certain I have some stronger sensory modulation issues then an average or typical person. I’m just not ok trying to override it in her right now. I have a much more long and drawn out thought about this issue-but never the time to fully articulate and process it. So for now- this will have to suffice.

She has just gotten soooooo strong lately.  In brute force and will. We may have to change her nickname to something more fierce then her delicate little quail image. I’ll need to find a pretty bird that embodies her strength, joy and fierceness all rolled into a charming increasingly chatty little package!

We’ve also had our Kathy give a program plan update on her Sara Rosenfeld Johnson plan. We got it in the beginning of May and there were a few weeks there that I thought we might not finish it up by our next visit in October. But it looks like we are well on the way. With all the chompin and chattin in the Quail’s repotoire these days we have flown into her next straw and will probably move up to the 3rd one shortly. We’re also moving onto the red chewy tube but not quite ready to let go of the Zvibe yet. Last time we tried the chewy tube she cried at the first suggestion that she bite it. This time we heard a good crunch right off. We are still working and sort of hovering in the same spot with the syringe feeding though. It looks like maybe Momma and Daddy are to blame for this regression though. We read the directions wrong and were angling the food a little too sharply down in the pocket and may have created a jaw jut in compensation.

We’re also going to start with a new OT for fine motor therapy next week. Kathy has been marvelous navigating us through the feeding world and will continue to check in with us on those issues but it’s time to focus on fine motor and our schedules no longer match up for the fall. It will be interesting to see how long it takes the Quail to warm up to a new friend. Wish her luck- and I do mean the new OT!

One thought on “Quailday: Will work for Puffs..

  1. Beautiful space you have here.Filled with beautiful thoughts on all the amazing and complex places life takes us as individuals,friends,spouses and mommies to these children who came sporting the magic of an extra chromosome.

    Not sure how exactly how I found my way here,but certainly glad I did …


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