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Quailday: 18 months and counting….

It’s August and time is passing too quickly these days to properly keep up in our cyber and real worlds! We still have photos & tales to share from 2 of our 3 family vacations this summer, a whole host of new developmental milestones, general prettiness and wackiness of daily life, emapthies for our friends who are struggling right now and opinions galore about society and its goings-on. Not to mention a celebration of a year of happy blogging having come and gone already!

For now though; we’ll forego orderliness and the desire to be clever and just start updating.

This spunky gal turned 18 months in August. The Quail is so much still our sweet baby and yet has her little arms outstretched to big-girldom barreling after her sister.  On 8/7/10 she got her third molar in- the top right one. On 8/12/10 Jodie managed to position her into a free-stand and with the helpful distraction of her classmates she didn’t even notice or balk until 5 seconds into it she looked around and realized no one was supporting her and down she went headfirst. The next two times she was a  bit more graceful in making a choice to plop down bum-first. On 8/15/10 she managed to pull up to standing on her new awesome Plan Toy Walker  from Momma’s lap. We love this one compared to the others we have because it allows you to adjust the tension in the wheels so it is a little less likely to peel out from under her when she shifts her weight on it. The night before this big event she had been sitting by me on the couch at our new friend’s house and had tried to use my hair to haul herself up for a kiss.  Then yesterday on 9/29/10 we were out for a swim in our lil yellow pull and she about gave me a heart-attack as she plopped down on all fours in the water, crawled over to the side and hoisted herself up to standing on the side of the pool with the assistance of only Poseidon to keep her safe. I do have a blurry photo of this progression which I’ll post later. I had a half second of debate on whether to capture the moment or launch myself at the pool to prevent any untimely aspiration. Even with all of us cheering her on she managed to remain stable until she decided to plunk back down in the water. It truly is amazing to watch her development unfold itself in it’s own time. She’s getting there and we’re so pleased.

The chat-a-thon continues. I think the best way to explain the difference from a month or so ago is that when you show her something and tell her its name she tries to repeat it back to you. We thought the signing would come easier than the speaking with the oral-motor strength and motor planning issues but it is still unclear as to which she’ll take too when you show her both. Two weeks ago in speech therapy we got out some crackers and repeatedly showed her the sign while saying the word. The intensive repetition seems to be what enables it to stick. By the end of the session she was attempting the sign but even better attempting the word.

She moves into the Toddler room this upcoming month as well and we’ve been having her go visit to transition in. Snack-time for the toddlers includes a lesson in manners. You say please and thank-you when it’s your turn. So last week in speech we worked on this and she got it so quickly! You could hear the quiet little “lease”, but she prefers the sign. So now we have our third sentence (after Hi Da-da! and Night bird), “Eat please!” But she signs it, and if you don’t give her the treat quickly enough she’ll proceed to sign the please portion of the sentence with increasing pleading in her eyes and harder thumping on her chest till you hand over the goods. If anyone has ever looked earnest in signing it would be the Quail. “Thank you” though she prefers to speak.

On 8/22/09 at tubby time she told her first joke. She and her sister were in the tubby, she looked at me, looked down at the water and then looked back up at me and signed drink (which is putting her thumb to her mouth like she is sucking it for us) and then started laughing. For us she’s right in time with her sister’s first joke. One night when Zuzu was about 18 months old I was in bed not feeling well and she had come up and asked me if my nose was running. When I said yes, she said, “You better go catch it!”, laughed heartily and ran off. Apparently the sense of humor is genetic.


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