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Gratitude Journal: Gratitude for services

Not so very long ago, it was much harder to raise your child that has special needs in your home. I’m thankful every day that our little family was created in the here and now. Here are just a few of the things we are thankful for.

1. Early Intervention

2. Our pediatrician

3. Our pediatric cardiologist

4. Our pediatric surgeon

5. Our Children’s Hospital

6. Our children’s hospital that will do the Quail’s OHS if it ends up being needed

7. Our OT and PT

8. Our feeding specialist

9. Our geneticist

10. Our Down syndrome Family Alliance

11. Our Family Connection

12. Our preschool

13. Our speech therapist

14. The Babycenter Down syndrome boards

15. Downsed International

16. Advocates like Dave Hingsberger that make me think

17. Friends like Pudge & Zippy that tickle our funny bones

18. Places like The Waisman Center that educated me and do so much to further our understanding of disability

18. Friends like Down syndrome New Mama  & Einstein Syndrome who help us get to know each other and understand our little ones.

19. Photographers like ConnyBethany that help make it even easier to see the beauty in what for some is difficult.

20. Publications from Woodbine House that help a new mom & dad know exactly what to do when, to help their little one with a little extra, know every last little thing they should!

21.  American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

22. The Arc

 23. Disability Studies, Temple U 

24.  BLOOM

25. DownSyndrome

26. Down syndrome: Health Issues

27.  Down Syndrome for New Parents

28. National Association for Down syndrome

29. Buddy Walk

30.  Special Olympics

31.  R-Word,

32.  The National Down syndrome Congress

33.  National Down Syndrome Society

34.  NDSS National Policy Center

35.  Patricia Bauer

36.  Oz Squad

37.  Reece’s Rainbow

38.  The Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis

39. The T21 Traveling Afghan Project

40.  Jennifer Graf Gronenberg , Kathryn Lynard Soper , Gifts and the other Holland officienados who will help you get there

41. Down Syndrome Pregnancy support and resources

42. And all  the amazing bloggers that share our daily lives and experiences. Check the sidebar here for just a few. Yes, really those aren’t anywhere near all of them that are out there. As you visit them, note their sidebars and all the others that have graced us with just a little of their time, energy, wisdom and charm so that we know that nowadays- we aren’t alone. We’re in this together. It takes a village, and I’m grateful for mine.


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