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Quailday: The Toddler Diaries


As I mentioned last week one of my biggest smiles of the day comes every afternoon when I get a tiny peek into the Quail’s day. For posterity’s sake, I’m going to start keeping a collection of her days as told to me by the Quail’s beloved Miss Mattie, Miss Jodie, Miss Ashleigh and all our other favorite teachers. I hope it makes everyone who loves her smile as wide as it makes me! The picture shown here is the Quail with her EI, Jodie working on some squishy skills.

From September school days:

9/7/10: “She was so great today!  She came out on the playground with everyone and was so preoccupied with playing that she didn’t care if I was there or not at all.  Once we came inside, she just played on the green carpet with everyone and was crawling around and babbling with everybody.  She was much less shy today than last week.  After that, it was time for their snack and it was about time for her milk so I sat her down in a toddler seat at the table and she drank milk and thickener out of her cup with everyone.  After milk, they were getting food-food and I wasn’t sure what she eating now.  Ms. Patti said she usually gets baby food at around 12 so Miss Ashleigh went to grab her a couple saltine crackers so she could eat with the big kids.  While she was gone a couple kids at her table got their food.  She was getting impatient and stood straight up out of her chair.  I don’t think she even realized she was standing.  She was up without any help for a good 20 seconds and then put her hands down on the table for support, but stayed up for a couple minutes while Miss Ashleigh got her crackers.  She also signed “eat” and “please” to get them.  I’m not sure that she even really needs me with her anymore, she’s getting much more confident and comfortable with it. ”  

After requesting further clarification on the standing since it was the first time noted by anyone:

“She lowered her feet down and just stood right up.  The back of her legs were up against the chair, but other than that she was standing on her own until she put her hands down on the table.  I didn’t even know she could do that.  I’ve seen her try to pull herself up from sitting on the ground, but never lower herself down from something. ”

And then the next week:

9/15/10: “She is so motivated to stand!  When I first got there, I was going to bring her right over to the toddler room.  Instead she grabbed onto my fingers and (legs tucked to the side) stood right up with me pulling a bit.  Unfortunately, she lost her grip on my fingers and fell backwards.  She was a little annoyed with me for that, but quickly forgot about it.  Next, she crawled over to the red toy bucket and tried to pull herself up to stand (again with her legs perfectly placed).  Even though she never quite got it, she kept trying.  After about five tries I helped boost her up and she picked the baby toy out of the bucket and gave it hugs and kisses.  Then I got her shoes out to go outside with the toddlers and I said, “Quail, Can I see your foot so I can put your shoe on?”  and she lifted her foot hi in the air for me.  We went next door and spent about 5 minutes outside and then about another 15 in the toddler room.  She played with block with them and I tried to work on some two-step commands with her “Quail, put the block down.  Quail, stack the block.”  She was pretty distracted though.  She also said “baby” in reaction to another toddler playing with a baby doll next to her.  She did pretty good in there, but still looks over for support when she gets overwhelmed.  Then, we cam back to Ms.Patti’s room.  I tried to work on her wheelbarrow excersize, but she wasn’t feeling it today.  We did some crawling over my leg instead.”

And then a few days later:

9/20/10: “She pulled herself up to standing without any help today! When I first got there, she crawled over to me to say hi, then she crawled over to the red toy bucket and just pulled herself up like she’s done it 100 times.  She tried again a minute later and didn’t quite get it, but she was close.  Then we went out to the playground with the toddlers and she went on the swings and down the slide (with a little help) and got to say hi to Zuzu on the other side of the fence. We spent about 20 minutes outside with them and then came back to Ms. Patti’s room.  I had her sit up on the block and we read a book twice.  She signed “book” when I asked her to say book.  Then I worked on having her reach for puzzle pieces and tried to get her to put them in the puzzle.  She was more interested in hitting them together though.  I also tried to work on two-step commands with the cups.  “Put the cup down. Stack the cup” She stacked one cup on top of another once, but wouldn’t put the first block down when asked.  Then, I had her sitting up on the big ball and moved her from side to side and front to back.  She did really well with this and didn’t need that much support from me.  Next, I had her crawl over my leg for puffs.  She did this about 5 times and signed “please” for puffs.  Then, I tried the wheelbarrow with her with help from Ms. Patti distracting her with puffs.  She stayed up for about 15 seconds 3 times.

One thought on “Quailday: The Toddler Diaries

  1. oh i love her working on her squishy skills. squishy skills are where it’s at! what a love she is. and congrats on her accomplishing such a huge milestone. you must be so very proud!


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