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Gratitude Journal

1. short flu bugs

2. Synagis

3. smiley babies bouncing back

4. less smiley momma’s trying to bounce back

5. new gap pants

6. an office

7. sick leave

8. tylenol

9. the season to bring out the flannel comforter cover

10. macro-lenses

11. a cuddley cat

12. a sweet 4 year old telling me she’s going to come closer to see my face, but not too close to get my germies

13. a hot shower

14. Lovey

15. daycare

16. a little bird climbing on up

17. bouncing feet

18. way-up-high noodles

19. little hands and heads poking up over the pack-n-play edge

20. revisiting Asheville

21. a late afternoon nap


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