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Zuzuday: The surprisingly patient patient…

This update is a bit overdue! The brief surgery to remove the tube from Zuzu’s ear went swimmingly! She still had one in from when they were inserted in 10/07. We had been warned last spring that if the one in her right ear didn’t come out on its own we would be removing it this fall. Sure enough it didn’t so off we went. The stisters arrived together bright in early in true solidarity- coordinated Dora jammies.

Zuzu was a little nervous I think. I’m guessing this because she was surprisingly stoic throughout the morning until we returned home. No tears, no tantrums. Just a little girl in her Dora Jammies quietly doing what she was told. She did tell me when they returned her from the OR that she didn’t want to speak to the nurser. Yes- nurser. Not nurse. Nurser. The same word for what she was up until a few months ago. I’m not quite sure how she understands the word exactly but it makes me smile everytime she says it.

 They put in a paper patch which should help to bridge the open hole and we were told to be extra careful about not getting water in her ear for the next 6 weeks or so.

Probably the best part of the day was finding The Cat in the Hat on PBS post surgery and getting to have it along with a little apple juice.

We were warned not to take a person who has been under anesthesia out in the wind and rain and not to let her jump and run today or tomorrow. Apparantly I should have bought a leash. Oh well.


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