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Gratitude Journal

1. Angry Angels

2. strawberry strudels from The Sister’s

3. pesto croissant’s from them as well

4. egg, cheese and bacon croissant’s from our local bagel shop

5. Lovey cooking

6. working on a project together

7.feeling better

8. choosing to be calm

9. being reminded I can choose to be calm

10. rascally sisters

11. artwork from babies

12. holiday cards

13. photo books

14. working on a project together

15. a day off

16. a new book in at the library!

17. being told you are one of their favorite people

18. hearing others note how laid-back you are after you were just feeling not so laid-back

19. giggling with the 4 year old

20. finding a Jodi Piccoult book on cd on the library shelf (they’re usually all checked out already)

21. starting up the Christmas music stations on Pandora


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