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Quailday: The Toddler Diaries…

See that huge smile? Well this week’s theme is a collection of reports of the recent naughties at school. Or as I like to call it- ” A-cute case of the Naughties”. I have to say though between that huge grin of pride and the wrench my heart takes when her little lower lip quiver pulls it out of my chest; she tends to not get nearly the discipline she should for her antics…sigh…life’s just unfair I guess!

10/13: She was exceptionally mischievous today. When I first got there, the toddlers were out on the playground. I scooped her up and took her down the big slide twice and then she stole my keys out of my pocket, dropped them, and laughed.

Then we played with blocks and cups stacking them up and knocking them over. She kept grabbing one and crawling away with it. When I would ask her to give it to me she did that cute thing where she holds them really close to her and turns away with a little grin.

 10/18: I got out her toys and put them on one of the round tables. She crawled over to me slowly with lots of pretend sleep breaks.

10/27: Sorry we made such a mess. She was a little toddler tornado today.

10/28: She got distracted from the story by one of the toddler’s awesome new baby mohawk and kept petting the top of his head. He got annoyed and held her hand to make her stop and they sat there holding hands for a couple minutes. Then she decided to crawl around to the other toddlers and give them pats on the back.

11/2: Ms. Ashleigh told me that she’s noticed she will be sitting at the round tables and when she turns away and looks back over there, she will have pulled herself up to stand against them. She still wouldn’t do it without any help for me though… little stinker. 

11/16/10:  Then she went on a bit of a hair pulling spree. She saw one girl’s hair and grabbed it. I told her “no pulling” and “be gentle” and she pouted at me. Then she crawled over to a table and stood up to get to her toys I put on it. We played with her toys for a while, reaching for them and dropping them in the bucket. Then she saw another boy nearby at the table and shuffled a few steps over to him (She moves her feet so much more to get to other toddlers at the table than when I’m trying to get her to reach). She patted him on the head and then pulled his hair before I could stop her.

Good thing it’s a-cute and not chronic!

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