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Gratitude Journal

1. fall colors in the local garden

2. family pictures turning out oh so bright and lovely

3. a new camera with which to shoot them

4. a yummy baked penne and loaf of Italian bread made from fixins in the pantry

5. a 4 year old asking for Beatrix Potter books

6. a 4 year old’s concern over whether or not Peter Rabbit’s father was rescued from Old Mr. McGregor’s garden

7. a bagel-park playdate

8. communion over seasonally inappropriate little girl clothes and realizing that the same fix was had in each home.

9. seeing the 20 month old really and truly crawling

10. November Sky Colorscapes

11. reminders of life’s randomness

12. support either way

13. a happy phone call with laughter over the smallness of this world

14. Girl’s Night Out and the discovery of a new cheese

15. 2 Buck Chuck taking the lead

16. my job and my kind co-workers

17. sweet feedback and confidence boosters on my photographs and perspective

18. Trader Joe’s!

19. sparkley shoes on little feet

20. last minute invites!

21. babies in fleecie nightgowns


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