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Gratitude Journal

1. photos coming out like paintings

2. the beauty of November

3. luscious skies

4. kindness

5. spirited children

6. a renewed love of turtlenecks in little ones

7. a dora chair turning into a lazy-boy for a pudgy toddler

8. a-cute naughtiness

9. renewed connections

10. invitations

11. being on time

12. playdates

13. a lazy goat lunch

14. Plain Truth

15. a new to me Jane Hamilton and A. Manette Ansay find at the library

16. hanging my pictures at work

17. new digs

18. time with Lovey

19. Glee

20. my babycenter friends- both Ds and MMC

21. a phone call from a doctor not amounting to anything

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