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gratitude journal

1. a sweet box of truffles from a kind boss

2. “Misery is optional”

3. a Christmas lunch

4. the children wanting the babysitter to stay longer

5. a baby walking!

6. showing off the baby walking!

7. a baby in pigtails

8. a 4 year old trusting you enough to tell you what she did wrong

9. sisters giggling

10. a bag of baked goods on the back porch from a very good baker and friend

11. teachingsofjon.com

12. families that are willing to help orphans

13. mocha swirl rolls

14. cutting down the Christmas tree

15. a beautiful day

16. an oh-so-thoughtful gift of one of my favorite pictures being turned into an ornament for me

17. a baby squawking at the tree as it’s brought in the house

18. red baby unionsuits

19. an oh- so-thoughtful gift of a quail ornament

20. a white elephant gift giveaway- it’s the giving away part I”m grateful for!

21. a 2nd try at sitting on Santa’s lap this season- and while no tears- no smiles either. Guess they are consistent

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