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Let’s help a family out people!

I blogged about this earlier. I donated to sweet Olga. I put it up on facebook. And you know what- so did A LOT of other people. So many people have decided to be a part of this Christmas miracle that sweet Olga went from having $78 in her adoption fund to over $10,000!!!!!!!! I am floored by the generosity and kindness. And now I sit and wait with baited breath. Praying that a family will step forward and take these two gifts- the gift of this money- and the gift of this sweet dear heart of a girl.

I thought I was done spreading the word. I have mentally committed to myself that if I win the IPOD Touch giveaway- well I’m going to use it to try and raise money for another of the sweet Reece’s Rainbow children.

In the meantime, while we wait for the thursday deadline of Patti’s giveaway to come. Some of my most very favorite folks have decided to blackmail us into continuing to spreading the word about Olga! Yes that sneaky mother Courtney has decided to withhold Pudge and Biggs stories and pictures until she has received 100 comments and additional help to spread the word and help Olga.

Usually I don’t give in to ultimatums. Except when I agree with the cause of the hostage taker. So please go donate to Olga, go read about the miracle over at Patti’s and be a part of it.

It’s simply awe-inspiring what we can do when we are brave enough to care.

Oh- and when you are done- please go over to Courtney’s and post so we can get our favorite squib stories back!

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