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Gratitude Journal

1. The Juppy!

2. Remembering to move TJ

3. Quick distractions when I don’t remember to move TJ

4. 4 year olds stealing my Kashi

5. A Christmas Miracle worth over $11,000

6. Hope for a family for a small one

7. Unexpected Christmas presents

8. a stocking at work

9. a new location and soooooo many more hellos

10. a 4 year old inviting everyone on God’s Green Earth to sleep over

11. A letter from Santa to a 4 year old

12. a toddler following  me around

13. peace

14. a good heartfelt talk coming unexpectedly

15. a rockin new haircut

16. donating 10 inches to charity

17. so many sweet compliments that made my heart and head swell

18. inspiration from new sources

19. a dining room full of presents waiting to be more artfully arranged

20. heart and soul warming snow

21. crazy Christmas dancing and jingling giggles


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