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Charity Week: Do you Know What I Know?

Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king
Do you know what I know?
In your palace warm, mighty king
Do you know what I know?
A Child, a Child
Shivers in the cold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Let us bring Him silver and gold

Do you know that there are sweet orphans in the Ukraine that need you to care? They are given up at birth because they have a little bit extra. 1 little chromosome too many. When I think of these darlings I can’t help but fret that what if my Quail hadn’t been born to me hear and now in a society that sees her value and supports me in all sorts of ways to support her in being all that she can be?

Remember earlier this month when I talked about sweet Olga needing a home- and the miracle being led by Patti? Well she has inspired such love and kindness to the tune of over $12,000 for sweet Olga‘s adoption grant! Word on the super hi-way is that a family is seriously considering adopting Olga and bringing her into her forever family.

In that mysterious way that miracles have, someone somewhere was so moved as to donate enough money for Patti to purchase a new IPad and start a whole new giveaway for a sweet muffin of a girl- Kareen.

So go here and read what you simply must do to help give this dear girl a chance at life. Like Olga, she is nearing the age where she will be transferred to a mental institution. The statistics read that approximately 85% of these children die within the first year. Please contribute in our efforts to not have Olga or Kareen become a statistic.

Please give what you can.

Please help spread the word.

Please pray for families to come forward for these sweet girls.

Please go tell Patti how incredibly proud of her you are for all her cheerleading efforts and goodwill.

And hey- in the process- you might just find yourself the winner of a brand new IPad! Can’t beat that can you?

Drawing is Christmas Eve.

Were you wondering what to get me for Christmas or my upcoming birthday in February? How about a donation to one of these sweet children at risk of institutionalization?

That my friends and family would be the gift that keeps giving.

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