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Gratitude Journal

1. Parents who are celebrating 47 years of marriage! Wow! Congratulations Mom & Dad- that is such an amazing accomplishment

2. Parents who when asked how they made it 47 years, sweetly and each independently credit the other for it

3. seeing the perfect gift and sending it, only to then wonder if you had done the same thing before- that’s the sign of a good gift!

4. Lovey’s parents and brother taking time to come be with us during these holidays

5. parents laughing uproariously at my 4 year old’s misbehavior- somehow that makes it not seem so bad

6. NPR on in the background

7. Tom & Jerry mix flown in from Wisconsin

8. Sweet and unexpected holiday presents

9. the 4 year old asking each day if it is Christmas and time for presents

10. Nana & Zuzu getting painting time in together

11. Nana & the Quail getting snuggle time in together

12. Lovey & his parents getting time in for a nice walk

13. Lovey & his brother getting some time in together after we’re all asleep

14. Zuzu awarding Uncle Scottie her crown for his birthday

15. Bapa providing

16. many invitations to holiday lunches at work when my own team is not in my office

17.Nana’s wrappings of ribbon and folds

18. sparkley Christmas dresses on sparkley girls

19. an abundance of giftees

20. a 4 year old saying,” Thank you for not taking it back to the store Mommy”

21. A 22 month old’s shiny new free-stand and plop routine


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