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Mommaday: Snow Day!

While we don’t get very many of these here- we do get just enough for them to be as exciting as a holiday! And that being said, we didn’t get this many snow days is Wisconsin since the government and individuals were equipped to deal with the white stuff when it came. Here we shut down. Usually it melts by midday. At least it always has since we’ve lived here. This snowstorm is like an artic blast from our past though. We got 6-12 inches on the ground. The trees are gloriously frosted and the cardinals are a shock of color against the stark white. It’s cold though. My bones have become southern and not so into being out there. I went out,snapped a few pictures and hurried back inside to root out pancake and bean soup supplies from the pantry. Lovey on the other hand, hauled himself deep into our attic to locate his cross-country skis and surf wax and merrily made himself ready to embark down the lane.  The girls were a mix in-between. Fleecy jammies layered over their cottony counterparts had to suffice for their winterwear. Any day that requires a jammy uniform has its highpoints in our books.

Zuzu would have happily stayed out for hours. This being a huge change from winter’s past. Last year might of been the first time she frolicked. Early attempts at an introduction to snow outside of our storybooks brought on many tears. And you know how well tears go with snow- they freeze! The Quail is still at that point and since this snow is too deep for tooling around in a wagon she spend most of the snow time inside looking out. Which suited her just fine after she felt the alternative.

So for your viewing pleasure- a southern snowday!

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