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gratitude journal

1. The Great Race

2. Stisters

3. new friends

4. fiesta ware memories

5. secure jobs

6. kind hair complements

7. Grown-up gold-stars

8. play puppies for all!

9. almost having all our teeth

10. motrin

11. corner view stretching my creative side- seeing a new side to myself develop

12. being asked my opinion

13. photography session contests

14. an essay written that makes me smile

15. LOTS of days off lately

16. snow that reminds me of my childhood and the unlikeliness of it all

17. maple snow cream

18. maple snow taffy

19. remembering the good ole days from 4 years ago with our photo library

19. babies growing up

20. a happy cat

21. our Snow Queen returning to the “North Pole” and a four-year-old letting me know that, “Mommy- the snow queen still left her clothes here!”

One thought on “gratitude journal

  1. Hey Friend! It’s Erin from babycenter! (montanabound) did you start working on aligning your pictures side by side yet! you take wonderful photos as well… I adore the ones of the girls looking out the window, its classic!


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