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gratitude journal

1. safe travels with work

2. a night away

3. returning home

4. a fun training

5. options

6. House of Pizza’s Greek Chicken over pasta!

7. a sunny day

8. house hunting

9. consignment sale dresses

10. a 4 year old proclaiming she loves ALL of her dresses- no matter how many times you ask her which one is better!

11. a 4 year old suddenly knowing how to write her letters?!?!?!!??!?!

12. a 4 year old suddenly going from spelling HAT to CAT to Abelia

13. a 4 year old not asking why, but rather: What would happen if I…. a thousand times a day

14. on call peds

15. motrin and tylenol

16. a quickly moving fever

17. a fever only lasting 24 hours

18. growth in the 2 year old- she’s now 30.5 inches and 26.6 lbs

19. a list of 30 baby signs

20. smiles amidst tears

21. my family


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