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gratitude journal

1. not being the pagent mom

2. not having the pagent kid

3. green day

4. finding a green snack- pear applesauce!

5. making it through pictures with everyone still smiling and no ripped tights

6. dinner in the mountains

7. dinner at a friends

8. the happy baker asking how my morning is going as Lovey is ushering the loudest of the 2 children outside

9.a birthday party invitation

10. finding the canvas I wanted for the girls room

11. Keeping calm and carrying on

12. houses to see

13. garlic-basil-3 cheese bread

14. motrin

15. a fairly quick run of a fever

16. a happy baby despite the fever

17. playdates

18. cherry- white chocolate scones

19. an evening on the porch with moonlight and Lovey

20. panda bear children tumbling around with each other

21. spring flowers blooming


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