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corner view: four-legged


Apparently my personal four-legged belongs to the same actors guild as my industry queen from last week. She was not into giving personal appearances.

Lovey and I both grew up with dogs and hope to have one someday, as does our two-legged-four-year-old. That said, I’ve always had a penchant for the feline four-legged variety. I had a gray kitty who was really more dog-like right out of college. His given name was Sasha but he came to Kitty. After he passed on due to kidney failure a few years back we had a brief interlude with a kitten who turned up in our garage that we named Solomon; after Solomon Burke. Sadly he was with us only 2 days and one vet visit and set of immunizations before deciding to move to the next town over. We hung signs and about a month later did receive a call indicating he had taken up residence with our local baker. I wish him lots of fresh cream daily. Ironically since then our four-year old will randomly name her future make-believe babies Solomon and announce how much she misses this kitty from two years ago.

About a year and a half ago she received the gift of her childhood when Lovey’s brother sent us the family cat to stay all the way from California. Chalula previously lived on Lovey’s Aunt’s farm in Northern California and eventually went to Southern California to live with the brother. When his job began to entail more regular travel he arranged for her to come be with us. Chula-Cat; as she’s called here, is less a fan of our smaller two-leggeds, but has the dog spirit of our former kitty as she leaps out of darkness each evening to come sit with us at the foot of our bed and happily greets any visitor that winds their way into our living room.

 This lil darling here is Tandy and belongs to our family friends. She’s a sweet kitty and will have to stand in for the family-four-legged-feline-for-now until Chula-Cat’s contract can be renegotiated to include photo interviews!

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7 thoughts on “corner view: four-legged

  1. Hihi, the story of Solomon reminds me of our cat Lizzy…she moved out shortly after we got her (she came with half a year,very ill and we helped her to recover, but after 6 weeks inside she wanted to live outside again). Since then she just came for daily or weeky visits when we were in our garden or to ask for our help when she was ill again. It took us years to find out she lived a double life with another name at an old lady of our neighbourhood. So she always had two possibilities to eat and sleep, but it was always us she asked for help during illnesses…quite a funny and peculiar cat, but I loved her anyway! ;o)


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