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gratitude journal

1. silence

2. Pee-pee in the potty from a 2 year old- with no excitement but a very practical, “Right there”

3. coffee and motrin

4. Wino Wednesday with buddies!

5. A Lovey willing to watch the girls

6. spring flowers

7. allergy meds

8. a frank discussion ending well

9. options

10. 4  year old created potty charts

11. giggles

12. pooping in the potty!

13. Peeing in the potty almost everytime she is asked to!

14. birthday parties!

15. the weekend

16. recital pictures back already! So pretty!

17. a big sister teaching her lil sister how to use the potty

18. a big sister writing out a potty chart for her and her sis

19. laundry almost done

20. picture time with the new blooms before the storm

21. free time

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