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I was going to post about our bird…but this dear boy needs your hearts more

I have all the time in the world to go on and on about my sweet Quail. Why? Because she’s here with me, with us, with a whole community of people who know and love her more than anything. She is blessed with a set of family, friends, caregivers and community members that are thrilled to bits over every single little thing she does. From standing up, to signing, to grins & giggles. She is blessed, and she blesses us everyday. She is changing hearts and minds about that stereotype hovering over people with intellectual disabilities. By merely knowing her, they know more. They know she is full of possibility and wonder. They know she is smart, kind, loving and adaptable.

Everyone who knows her, knows that. But not everyone knows her. In some countries the stigma and stereotypes around people with disabilities still form decisions and close minds to the possibility and wonder in children with disabilities.

Fortunately there are families out there who fight for these children. Good people like The Davis Family, who with the support of Reece’s Rainbow, raised thousands of dollars to be able to offer sweet Kirill a chance at a life with a forever family. They flew over the ocean and swam through the sea of redtape that is international adoption. They traveled to meet him two separate times and stood for 5 hours in front of a judge declaring their love and intentions to make a life for Kirill.

They were told no.

They were told Kirill is socially unadaptable because he carries a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

This is unacceptable. This dear boy will be locked in a mental institution for the rest of his life if a family is not allowed to adopt him. The family is there. The money to cover the expenses is there. The love is there. This family’s eyes are opened.

The judges are not.

I’m posting this in hopes of raising awareness. Money helps some situations. Hearts help others. Please spread the word about Kirill and stop by the Davis family blog to show your support in their efforts.

Come read Courtney’s words and see a video of Kirill with the momma who already loves him. Come open your eyes.

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