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gratitude journal

1. spring weekend days feeling summery

2. flower puttering time with the girls

3. driving up to the school playground and seeing our Bird standing and looking so lovely at a tree in a pretty, pretty pink & black dress

4. Zuzu’s wise quips

5. Zuzu’s clarifications of which people on the computer are in our land (as opposed to Dora’s)

6. Stisters copying each other

7. so many “tickers” on the chart

8. a great and empowering lunch meeting where I was told we’re already ahead of the curve in our goals, intentions and plans for our wee one

9. a dance routine under the privet tree

10. leaf monies

11. blooms

12. groanin over growin

13. big grins greetin you

14. a busy busy week!

15. yellow iris’ joining the mix

16. some concentrated flower camera time

17. birthday parties

18. feeling grateful all around

19. helpin out

20. talking about emotions with the two year old

21. days full of rascaling, monstering and pouncing.

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