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Zuzuday: Doctor, Momma, Teacher, Fundraiser

Momma: “What do you want to be when you grow up Zuzu?”

Zuzu: ” A Doctor-Momma-Teacher! No wait- a Momma first- to 10 girls!”

Momma: ” Maybe start with Doctor, otherwise with all my grandbabies, I’m not sure you’ll have time to get the MD degree!”

Zuzu: “Oh Momma- you’re just being silly- of course I will!”

This girl’s got big plans! And we couldn’t be prouder. A couple of weeks ago Zuzu had her first attempt at fundraising. She was tickled. She kept announcing that she was going to raise money for “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital“. I kid you not, she got the whole phrase out at least 7 times a day. Her school was hosting a safety week with a final Trike-a-thon on that friday. Each child brought home an envelope to raise money. Zuzu told me very excitedly the first day that there were sick kids who needed her help and she was going to learn about safety, ride her tricycle and  raise enough money to win a bear backpack and help the sick kids! When I picked her up that Wednesday from school her excitement continued. Her teacher told me that she and her BFF were over playing with the blocks and I should ask them what they were building. When I got over there I noticed the small doctor action figures along  with a two foot multi-plex of a building. The girls informed me they were playing St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I was so proud. While we didn’t raise quite enough money for the backpack, I think she learned a good lesson- one that fortunately already seems to come naturally to her- appreciation for what you have and empathy for those that have it harder then you do. It’s a good lesson- one that applies from the day we’re born on forward.  St. Jude’s is a wonderful organization that offers great hope to families who are struggling. No child should ever have to learn the language they need to there. But at least there is a wonderful resource to help families make it through today and offer a brighter tomorrow. Please consider donating.


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