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gratitude journal

1. 15 minutes of walking!

2. the baby’s unfurling skills

3. the baby’s panic mode when she knows she’s caught

4. the four year old’s warning, “Momma you don’t want to see what the Quail’s doing right!”

5. a pound down inspite of a day of gorging

6. the vampire novella on CD from the library

7. summer plans taking shape

8. a shiny new haircut

9. wills, trusts and POAs done

10. a baby shower

11. a job well done

12. a baby with a biscuit

13 praline bacon

14. duck and sweet potato hash

15. 2 kids actually eating their breakfast out at a restaurant

16. Girl’s Night Out

17. a tasty meal at a renovated restaurant

18. a table of desserts shared

19. getting outside my comfort zone and realizing it’s ok

20. learning to shoot

21. not actually hitting anything


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