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corner view: what’s for lunch?


Daily lunch for me really isn’t anything very photographable I’m afraid. I’m still in process of shedding those baby pounds and my priorities for when I get my calories are not exactly focused on body mechanics, so much as heart mechanics. I really want to be able to eat a healthy meal that is joyful in the evening with my family. We’re a family that does a very basic breakfast- the children eat fruit, cereal or cereal bars and Lovey and I function best with a light cereal-based breakfast we well, circled by a serious amount of coffee. We both love a hot breakfast, especially cooked by someone else. But we both find that pretty much puts us in a lull for the rest of the day. Since lunch for me on most days is at my desk at work I’ve spent the last 4 months trying to minimize work snacks so that I can happily enjoy my dinner and not set my daughters up to always be thinking in terms of diet meals, but rather learn by seeing their parents eating healthy portions of a variety of foods. I really want food to not be an issue for them. At a New Year’s Day brunch this past January, a friend who was doing an extremely strict diet noted that when we’re overweight we’re simply eating more calories than we need. It was such a profoundly simple sentence, especially in light of the diet books I had been reading and my history with Weight Watchers. I really found that this year I wanted to stop thinking about food so much. I. love. food. I love to read about it, to think about it, to have it with me, to plan for it, dream about it. I love to cook it and especially love to inhale- both nasally and gastrically what others have prepped. If someone wants to talk about food,  I’m all ears and all mouth.

Friends and family that know us but don’t spend every meal with us have often wondered how Lovey stays so fit, considering his deep love of BBQ, donuts and a series of other wheat-based delights. The thing is while he does seem to have been born with a hollow leg that he can fit the ribs of a pig in to. He seems to be more camel in nature and those meals others take part in with us are typically the exception to our daily routine.

So, corner view- what’s for lunch? Well if we aren’t on a weekend sidetrip- touring the local cuisine, like the Quail enjoying some of Big Mista’s , tasty, tasty brisket; or downing some fried apple pies and duck hash at the illustrious Grits & Groceries; you’ll find me at my desk eating the pb&j of my childhood along with a very plain salad sans dressing and an apple and carrots. Lovey refers to this practice as doping for the next BBQ we come across, but living in the south…you just never know when the opportunity will strike and its best to have yourself at the ready!

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7 thoughts on “corner view: what’s for lunch?

  1. good idea to stop thinking about food, and simply enjoy it (and yes, actually not eating more than you burn off again either) i’m a fine one to talk though…….

  2. I hear you. It seems like I have been dieting for the last 12 years. I am looking forward to the day when I can just be happy with the size I am and eat to maintain that weight but enjoy it at the same time.

  3. Don’t worry on your weight, just enjoy life. Your body went through pregnancy and produced something wonderful, this is all what counts! 🙂

  4. I agree with you Cole, your eating healthy portions of a variety of foods sets a good example for your kids – and so does a relaxed and healthy attitude towards food.


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