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gratitude journal

1. Sweet Easter Days

2. Little Augusta’s directing the day in full impresario

3. Baby’s with high fevers staying in good spirits.

4. kind airport people taking care of us

5. lil stisters wrestling like panda bears inspite of the chaos around them

6. A big stister singing “Itsy-bitsy Spider” while her stister wails

7. A Quail’s mimicry of Momma when Big Stister doesn’t listen to the original momma

8. Making it home safe & sound through unpleasant weather

9. An appreciative boss letting me know

10. a new cupcake bakery!

11. an unexpected night out with new friends

12. a barfing baby waiting till the weekend to cancel our plans

13. a 4 year old telling me I look like Princess Catherine and Daddy looks like Prince William and Nana Dori looks like the Queen

14. A 4 year old scolding her Daddy that he’s not the boss of cuddling

15. Knowing that that’s right, Momma is

16. a 2 year old gathering up the blocks, standing up and walking across the room and putting them away- just like any other 2 year old

17. photo editing time

18. beautiful flowers

19. strong babies

20. wise 4 year olds

21. patient Loveys


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