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corner view: by the sea

Boy am I dedicated to CV! Going to get photos just because the topic was drawn! Well, not exactly. Lucky me to get to share with all of you some of the piles of shots I took on our families little holiday get-a-way last week over the Easter Weekend. Lovey had a conference in his San Diego Hometown and so his friends and family joined him to celebrate the holiday. It’s amazing to me the multitude of colors the beach offers up in such a short span of time. Absolutely Glorious. Oh and that seagull, the one chasing the remote control airplane? It cracked me up everytime. What exactly he was getting out of it I’ll never be sure- but he certainly was focused. The sand dollars were plentiful this trip. Unfortunately so was the pelican poop-sprays. You take the good with the bad right? Happy Seaside!

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday post hosted originally hosted by Jane, currently by  Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it in photographic or poetic in form from around the world:

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9 thoughts on “corner view: by the sea

  1. They are wonderful vacation photos. There is nothing better than to ride with children to the sea. These are wonderful days.
    The Seagull from the bottom (Photo 13) I like very, very much.

  2. one handsome seagull unintended (?) copycat bird, i’ll say! lordy!
    i equally love the motionless seagull, next to the, er, sponge?

  3. I loved your montage of photos. I’ve only been to San Diego once, but thought it was wonderful and beautiful. It was a business trip and my husband’s family company paid for him and me to stay at Del Coranado (I think I’m writing it correctly) where the conference was being held. What an amazing four days! The beach and ocean were especially gratifying.

    I also have precious memories of our kids with us at the ocean at Myrtle Beach. You never forget those times. 🙂


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