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gratitude journal

1. a baby feeling better

2. meeting new sitters!

3. a waterproof mattress cover

4. friends

5. invitations

6. new flowers blooming!

7. a peony returning

8. my first “showy” peony blooming

9. Muffins for Mom

10. poo-poo on the potty!

11. Sara Rosenfeld Johnson

12. the mmmmmmm sound

13. movie night with popcorn and swedish fish!

14. fun new training at work

15. embracing my greenness

16. a box of giftees from a dear Auntee!

17. Hi’s from old and new friends

18. 4 year old narratives on their mom

19. running in to buddies

20. jean day

21. Mattie Playne- Get Married Well! We’ll miss you!

One thought on “gratitude journal

  1. I think of all the marriage advice I’ve gotten these past few months, “marry well” was the best. For a four year old, she says surprisingly wise things sometimes 🙂


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