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Entering into Zuzu’s second year I realized with initial horror that my days of quiet, cooing baby photos had come to a dramatic halt. No longer was she willing to stand idly by smiling beatifically at me. Now her eyes squinted in a delighted gleam as she hurried away from mommarazzi. My first inkling was around 7-9 months when I took her outside to do a shot with some flowers on a quilt and couldn’t manage to land a single one with her actually ON the quilt. I admit I was pretty frustrated, I had enjoyed photographing her so much and was sad thinking it had come to an end. I’m sure it wasn’t the first Suessian lesson I had received regarding the need to not cry because it ended, but smile because it happened. Children are like that aren’t they? Just when you adjust to the way they are, they change. It’s my ability to go with that flow that will enable me to be happy I think. So I started shooting our motion years. And in the last three and a half years I’ve tried to embrace the gift that is our children in motion and be grateful for the chance to document it.

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday post hosted originally hosted by Jane, currently by  Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it in photographic or poetic in form from around the world:

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11 thoughts on “corner view: motion

  1. Children in motion, a perfect take, and I love the way you describe the go with the flow approach to life and parenting. Definitely goes along with the beautiful and poetic title of your blog. THanks for this weeks theme.

  2. It’s an ongoing challenge to get my kids to want to be photographed. They have to be in the mood. 50% of the shots are of them goofing off.


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