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gratitude journal

1. omnicef

2. Lovey able to stay at home

3. Ms. Kip at Gymnastics

4. glad that it was just the AC that broke on the trip

5. a Lovey able to work on cars

6. a pediatrician squeezing you in

7. neti pots

8. sudaphed

9. emer-gen-C

10. a dinner invitation

11. best brownies ever sans walnuts

12. a rainstorm

13. coffee

14. Trader Joe’s

15. a book on CD coming to an end and the next one waiting at the library

16. ordering a holiday gift earl

17. coffee

18. working it out

19. a pediatrician working you in again

20. a 4 year old finally calming down

21. just a mark, nothing worse


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