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gratitude journal

1. an extra “homeday”

2. seeing the cute after the fact in the girls scrambling into the crib together

3. appreciating a hot day

4. being asked to help with the Fairlane

5. shooting my secret garden

6. a magnolia blooming that I was told wasn’t a true magnolia

7. Trader Joes

8. the first fireflies of the season

9. Happy Hour with and without kiddos

10. a car being fixed

11. realizing how lucky I am that the car didn’t breakdown when I was an hour from home

12. feeling like cleaning up

13. giggling sisters

14. a new photo challenge

15. being prepped & ready

16. a new house to see

17. iced coffees & latte season

18. realizing that come on over friends rank right up there with drop by friends

19. what looks like hours of food prep really only taking 2 hours

20. extra desserts- sour cream rhubarb pie & the best ever brownies

21. planning the Pie Social


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