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gratitude journal

1. babies in bucket hats

2. pie birds

3. a clean house

4. pandora stations

5. craig’s list water toys

6. sprinklers!

7. The Starkey Pie Social Gathering

8. 42 of of favorite people coming over for pie & coffee

9. the loan of a coffee urn

10. wee ones in swimmies & piggies

11. sidewalk chalk

12. bubbles & balls

13. more pie than you can shake a stick at

14. homemade ice cream

15. a freezer full of berries & rhubarb

16. a tree tent

17. naptime

18. too much coffee

19. a shady yard

20. feelin smart

21. a happy belly & heart

One thought on “gratitude journal

  1. You may or may not have noticed … I STILL have not started,let alone shared, a gratitude journal… I really need to.You inspire me each time I read yours.

    Wish I lived closer,would have loved some pie and coffee,or in my case hot chocolate perhaps!


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