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1. playtime

2. noticing

3. tiny hands around your neck

4. Cereal time

5. free coffee from the library

6. our new favorite pie- Rhubarb-Chess

7. last minute plans

8. fried gnocci

9. being the one cuddled into when the little one was scared

10. a secret path

11. golden sand freckling a 4 year old’s cheery face

12. pink-frosted donuts for dear Mattie

13. business as usual when it’s snack time for a 2 year old

14. a new prevacid Rx seeming to work

15. appointments scheduled

16. kindness

17. check offs on to-do lists

18. family playdates

19. praise

20. giving praise

21. bedtime

3 thoughts on “gratitude

    • Yay! I’ll come visiting Heather! The blogroll was the reason I initially started- I kept wanting to go back to visit others and I didn’t know about Google reader yet! 🙂

  1. Oh by the way,I was just glancing over your blogroll on the side bar and I swear,you must have every child sporting an extra chromosome,on the internet,listed there!Impressive to say the least!


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