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corner view: before and after


Corner view is a weekly Wednesday date hosted originally hosted by Jane, currently by Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it in photographic or poetic in form from around the world:  Jane, Dana, Bonny, Joyce, Ian, Francesca, Theresa, Cate, Kasia, Otli, Trinsch, Isabelle, Janis, Kari, jgy, Lise, Dorte, McGillicutty, Sunnymama, Ibb, Kelleyn, Ninja, Sky, RosaMaria, Juniper, Valerie, Sammi, Cole, Don, WanderChow, FlowTops, Tania, Tzivia, Kristin, Laura, Guusje, Susanna, Juana, Elsa, Nadine

16 thoughts on “corner view: before and after

  1. That reminds me of something like the Gremlin movie! Wow! A bit creepy, but awesome too!
    What is that bug on top? The bottom one is a kind of beetle,isn’t it?

  2. I’m glad you gave some explanations in the comments, as at first it looked like a poor insect possessed by a fluorescent critter! Did you take these photos? Incredible capture!

  3. huh! just this week i saw a documentary upon their 17 years of brooding underground before taking over indiana or colorado or wherever it is/was they did…. oh, huh! i was also stunned by people’s ease around them! i don’t know what i’d do…
    but VERY interesting b&a, i agree…..
    i love the transparancy of their wings, by the way.
    by the (other) way..; is this a new lay out, because it is airy! i love it!!

    • Thanks Nadine! It is a new layout! I thought the same thing- crisp and smooth and open! I’ve never understood the 17 year thing. There must be so many of them that some hatch each year after being underground for 17 years?


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